How to: Oats and Honey DIY Facial Mask

Hello loves, although I haven’t made a lot of posts, they have all been towards healthy hair care. I have decided to remedy that. 🙂 Here is a post about one of my favourite facial masks. It is simple, easy to make at home and has loads of beneficial goodies.

It is made up of two simple, yet amazing ingredients – oats and honey. Here’s why you need to include it in your skin care regimen… 🙂

plain oats...
plain oats…

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Travel Wash Routine (….making do with minimal products)

So, I had to make an impromptu trip to Lagos (I was in Ibadan) on a Sunday, which happened to be my wash-day. I hate baggage so I simply packed only my spray bottle (a mix of conditioner, some glycerin and good ole’ water) and my trusty shea butter. 😉 Now, the trip dragged on longer than I thought it would and I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with my hair. 😦 Although no one else but me could tell, I knew it was dirty, needed cleaning and conditioning.

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An easy way to take down individual braids (protective styling) while losing minimal hair

What is protective styling? Basically any style that protects your hair from excessive/consistent manipulation.

So, I made braids (by myself. *applause* Thank you, thank you…) 🙂 about 3 – 4 weeks ago. I’ve grown fuzzy on exactly when I did make it. 😦 Ah, well. Wanted to take it off about a week ago but had to travel. Unfortunately, my hair ‘arsenal’ did not make the trip with me. I returned from the journey a couple of days ago and got down to it. Just in time too, I was beginning to look like someone’s bad idea of retro dreads. Plus, my hair needed some TLC very badly.

Poor hair :(
Poor hair 😦

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Learning the Basics I (typing, wash routine, the LOC method)…

When I speak to folks about natural hair, I often hear things like… “Natural hair is so hard to maintain…” , “I see natural hair products on Facebook and YouTube and they’re so many and expensive”, “There’s so much to learn, I’m confused…” For some reason, I actually get somewhat frustrated and a teeny bit angry at who-ever has made this poor willing soul think maintaining her own hair is such a chore.

I don't know what to do to my hair!
I don’t know what to do to my hair!

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First Blog Post…

Hello loves! I’m really excited about finally starting this blog…considering that I’ve had the plan to do this for nearly six months now. Lol, I know. I’m such a turrible procrastinator. And, thank God, I finally got off my hunches.

First of all, I’m glad to have you here, dear reader. And, I really look forward to serving you to the extent of my capabilities…and making you feel as special as you really are.

So, about me…. I’m a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria. I have a masters in social work and will be starting a Ph.d in the same very shortly. I love natural hair. Scratch that, I ABSOLUTELY loooove natural hair. I also dig natural skin care remedies and a host of others. Continue reading “First Blog Post…”